Engaging the Six Cultures of the Academy by William H. Bergquist

Engaging the Six Cultures of the Academy

Book Title: Engaging the Six Cultures of the Academy

Publisher: Jossey-Bass

ISBN: 0787995193

Author: William H. Bergquist

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William H. Bergquist with Engaging the Six Cultures of the Academy

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In The Four Cultures of the Academy, William H. Bergquist identified four different, yet interrelated, cultures found in North American higher education: collegial, managerial, developmental, and advocacy. In this new and expanded edition of that classic work, Bergquist and coauthor Kenneth Pawlak propose that there are additional external influences in our global culture that are pressing upon the academic institution, forcing it to alter the way it goes about its business. Two new cultures are now emerging in the academic institution as a result of these global, external forces: the virtual culture, prompted by the technological and social forces that have emerged over the past twenty years, and the tangible culture, which values its roots, community, and physical location and has only recently been evident as a separate culture partly in response to emergence of the virtual culture. These two cultures interact with the previous four, creating new dynamics.